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Best Wine Pairing for Thanksgiving Dinner & Dessert 0

We've got you've covered for serving or bringing wine to your Thanksgiving celebration.
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Gouda Decisions: The Key to Wine and Cheese 0

Pairing wine and cheese may seem easy, but there are a few simple tips that will take you the extra mile and leave you looking like a wine and cheese connoisseur!
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It's Almost August 8th- You Know What That Means.... 0

Booze isn't the only thing going into mixed drinks anymore- enter summer squash in honor of August 8th, aka Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day!

The Essential Gourmet Entertaining Accessories 0

You’re planning a dinner party, and you want it to be something really special, something people will remember as different, unique, elegant, and stylish. You want it to be gourmet. The menu is set, the guest list is complete, but you’re not sure if you have all the details exactly where you want them. Do you have all the essential gourmet entertaining accessories? Perhaps we can help.


At Bella Vita, we understand style, and how to incorporate it with the practical side of life. After all, it’s one thing if an accessory looks good, but quite another if it fails to perform as expected when the time comes. You need the perfect combination of form, function, and beauty. We have that in spades!

Let’s start with our elegant olive three bowl serving set. This beautiful, functional set includes four vibrantly colored ceramic and stainless steel olive picks that are perfect for sampling and snacking before the main event. Add a little pop of color and fun to your cocktail hour with this well-designed gourmet accessory, and serve up your hors d'oeuvres in style.


Speaking of hors d’oeuvres, they must not only taste great, giving your guests a mere hint of the palate pleasing taste sensations to come, but they must be presented in an elegant manner when “gourmet” is the theme. To that end, our gorgeous, all natural wooden serving tray with silver acacia cluster knife is the perfect vehicle to splendidly showcase your appetizers. The pairing of natural wood and gleaming silver will be as much a treat for the eyes as your food will be a treat for the taste buds.





Make waves with our sophisticated set of two ceramic cruets with a wave pattern. The handy stainless steel spouts make it easy to control your pour, so you never get too much of a good thing. And if you stocked away some dried herbs from your summer herb garden, we have the perfect use for them. Check out our attractive 18.5 ounce herb infusion bottle




This stunning olive oil herb infuser and dispenser is a must have for gourmet food lovers. Complete with a built in strainer and easy pour spout that clicks closed, this useful accessory (and really, any of our gourmet entertaining accessories) also makes a great gift for your favorite host or hostess.







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Best Wine & Beer for Your 4th of July Bash

Best Wine & Beer for Your 4th of July Bash 0

When it comes to your 4th of July celebrations, you should never settle for second best.  Check out this list of the must-have wines and beers for your bash this year!
Stock Your Bar For Summer

Stock Your Bar For Summer 0

Is your home bar ready for summer? Check out the tops things you need to have ready for your summer cocktail parties!

Plus an easy, sparkling cocktail recipe!