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It's Almost August 8th- You Know What That Means....


"If wine is a fruit, vodka must be a vegetable!"


Summer Cocktail of the Week:

Zucchini and Sea Salt Vodka Soda

Yes, a writer at Set the Table has decided to straddle the line and combine alcohol and vegetables- and yes, we are most certainly here for it! Be a daredevil and squash your fears with this delectable (and dare we say sort of healthy?) cocktail.







Yes. You heard that correctly.  This is an actually acknowledged national holiday.

And although the origins of this holiday and who decided that this strange action deserved its own day are unknown, there is a popular legend to explain the series of events that led to its birth.

At the onset of summer, farmers both professional and amateur would furiously tend their gardens to prepare for a full crop of summer vegetables. As the summer dragged on, the farmers' zucchini plants slowly grew but showed no real progress- that is until approximately the first week of August, when apparently their stocks of summer squash skyrocketed.

Now the first question any reasonable squash-loving human would ask (especially now that you have a cocktail recipe that actually calls for vegetables!) is: "So, what's the problem?" The farmers found themselves with an extreme overabundance of the crop- their families couldn't consume it fast enough.  

So by the end of this week of extreme harvesting, zucchini levels were at an all time high and farmers decided that a new methodology of dealing with the strange issue was in order- they would place large quantities of the zucchini in large trashcan-sized bags and then head over to the nearest non-farming neighbor's house.  They would then place the bag on the neighbor's front porch or in their backyard and quickly return home.

So, in honor of the valiance of these quick-witted farmers facing the age-old problem of too much summer squash, we say to you happy Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day!









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