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Gouda Decisions: The Key to Wine and Cheese



"Age isn't important- unless you're wine or cheese."


Summer Cocktail of the Week:

Red Hot Summer

If you are looking for a simple and refreshing drink to cool down your summer and satisfy both your sweet tooth and your wine cravings, you've found it in Cosmopolitan's Red Hot Summer!


I think it's safe to assume that we are all suckers for perfect pairings.  And the food duo that has to take the cheddar is the all-time classic wine and cheese pair.  While pairing the two delicacies may seem like it'd brie very easy, there are two main important rules to remember that will best allow your cheese selection to complement your wine and vice versa, helping to keep your wine and cheese platters looking (and tasting) picture perfect!


1. Choose the right wine

This seems pretty obvious but hear us out.  Although you can drink any wine with any cheese, for optimal results you should pick a wine that is prone to pairing (see the bottom of this article for specific examples).

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...or not

Ok, pardon the dramatic introduction.  But this step is key.  Pick out the main flavors and textures that you like in the wine or cheese that you want to feature and then mirror these flavors and textures in the counterpart.  


If you prefer the combination of sweet and savory and more opposite flavors, do the exact opposite of this step and choose flavors that seem to be opposites. This will create a completely different dynamic- but a no less delicious one.

Five of our Favorites:

1. Parmesan and Prosecco

The bubbling Prosecco perfectly balances with the hard, salty taste of parmesan


2. Gouda and Cabernet Sauvignon

The nuttiness of gouda cheese only improves with the full flavor of the Cabernet


3. Blue Cheese and Red Port

This pairing speaks for itself- unique flavors unite and fuse to create magic


4. Mozzarella and Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio with mozzarella- whether alone or with tomato- is always a good idea


5. Monterey Jack and Merlot

This semi-hard cheese perfectly pairs with the fruitiness of Merlot.


Bon Appetit!

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